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Ready to transform your finances?

It's time to take control

This comprehensive program takes you through all the fundamentals of options. Focusing on the financial derivative options, based on prior knowledge of the stock market you will learn to understand and analyze risks with strategies of options. In the end, your financial understanding will be transformed and you will be able to use this information to look to incorporate options into your investment portfolio.

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What you get in the Program

Our innovative program simulates a real trading environment

  • Easy to understand modules

    Our programs are designed to be easy to understand and take you step by step through the learning process. You can work at own pace. We use fun graphics, videos, quizzes, worksheets (and lots of games) to help you become a pro.

  • Discussion Zone

    Want to discuss a math concept or even an idea of how to use math? We have built-in discussion zones enabled for each chapter. Have a question? We're here to help! Wondering about something? Ask away!

  • Quizzes & Projects

    While you learn, practice your skills with hands-on activities, quizzes and fun projects to apply what you learned in real-life scenarios. Share these on social and inspire others!

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to this course!

    • Welcome to this course!

    • Explorer Hop's Financial Literacy Expertise

    • Taking control of your finances

    • Girls Are Left Behind When it Comes to Money

    • Intro Survey

  • 02

    Option basics

    • What “options” do options give you?

    • Profitability of option

    • Short vs put options

    • European and American options

    • Other types of options

    • Buying selling call and put options

  • 03

    Advantage and disadvantage of options

    • Benefit of options

    • Using options to reduce risk

    • Disadvantages of options

  • 04

    Option pricing - basic

    • Basics of option pricing

    • Where do the value of options come from?

    • In-the-money, out-of-the-money, at-the-money

    • Example of option prices

    • Intrinsic Value

    • Time/Extrinsic value

  • 05

    Option pricing - advanced

    • Option Greeks

    • Intrinsic value - delta

    • Using delta as a probability for profit

    • Time value - Theta

    • What is implied volatility

    • Implied volatility - Vega

    • Recorded Copy of Gamma - Changes in delta

  • 06

    Option Pricing model

    • Black Scholes Model

  • 07

    Trading options

    • Reading Option Data

  • 08

    Option trading strategies

    • Option payoff diagram

    • Covered Call

    • Mirror/Married put

    • Bull call spread

    • Straddles

    • Strangles

  • 09

    Before you go

    • Tell us what you thought

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Our Reviews

“I enjoyed the whole experience of the program. I understand how to analyze a stock now and can start investing in stocks.”

Toronto, ON

Leianna (age 13)

“I opened my own trading account after e-Camp Millionaire taught me how to invest. When I made a good return on my investment, I cashed out ad donated half to the Ottawa Food Bank. It's important to give back.”

Ottawa, ON

Spencer (age 12)

“I can start my own business in the future after attending Teen Entrepreneurs.”


Lauren (age 14)

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“Made 30% in his portfolio in 5 days! ”

Toronto, ON

James (Age 11)

“Made 28% in his portfolio in 5 days”

Toronto, ON

Rehan (age 12)

“Made 40% in her portfolio in 5 days. ”

New York City

Ellie M (Age 11)

Enroll Today & Ace Math!