Are you ready to solve world's greatest problems using math?

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Reviews for our Math Program

“"We used this program over Summer and it's excellent for kids."”

Ottawa, ON

Ileana (mom of Troy)

“"Explorer Math made SO MUCH SENSE! My grades are back up!"”

Toronto, ON

Mathilda (Grade 12, IB Diploma)

“"Amazing program. It's so easy to understand and I learned so much more!"”

Boston, MA

Sandra (Grade 12)


  • What is Math Hackathon?

    The Math Hackathon is a global event that gives kids from all over the world the chance to prove how they can use math to solve our world's greatest problems. The competition will be held virtually. You can join by yourself as an individual and work on a project solo, or join as a group and work collaboratively with others.

  • How does Math Hackathon work?

    You are given a problem that must be solved using your math skills within the 48 hours of allotted time. You will be able to submit your work via an online portal where your work will then be evaluated and participants will be ranked.

  • How do Groups work?

    Participants can work individually or in a group of up to 4 members. There should not be a difference of more than 2 years in their ages (e.g. A 12-year old can be a group member to a 14-year old, but not to a 15-year old).

  • How do I submit my work?

    Once the competition opens, you will be able to access a portal which will allow you to submit your answer.

  • How much does it cost?

    It is free!

  • What are the eligibility requirements?

    All students Grade 6-12 (ages 11-17) from anywhere in the world, any math skill level, and all members in a group must be registered to take a part in it.

  • Code of Conduct

    Explorer Hop stands for inclusivity and believes that every participant has the right to take part in a safe environment. There is no discrimination on the basis of race, religion, national origin, colour, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, social class, economic status, veteran status, disability, or age. Any discrimination or harassment from any participant will not be tolerated. This includes and is not limited to offensive comments, written or verbal, directed at age, sexual orientation, gender, physical appearance, gender, race/ethnicity, religion and/or social & economic status. Inappropriate physical contact, deliberate intimidation and other acts which make others feel uncomfortable count as harassment. Participants asked to stop any impermissible behavior must comply immediately. Explorer Hop may take any action it deems necessary, including warning the individual or expulsion from the event with no eligibility for a refund of any kind. If you are being harassed or notice someone being harassed, please contact Explorer Hop immediately at We value your participation in our event!

Course curriculum

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    How to ace the Hackathon

    • About Explorer Hop

    • About Explorer Math

    • About Math Hackathon

    • Get updates on the Hackathon

  • 02

    Hackathon Challenge

    • Math Hackathon

Hold a Hackathon at your School!

Explorer Hop will come to your school to hold a Virtual Hackathon.   Email us at and let us know how many students and what grades and we can take it from there.