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In this fun interactive program, kids learn the fundamentals of money management. This gives them the tools for a successful future managing money and leading a balanced life.

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Get a head start by learning essential elements of finance

What you get in the Program

Our innovative program simulates a real trading environment

  • Easy to understand

    Our programs are for everyone. Lessons are simple and taught with a variety of learning styles in mind.

  • Engaging Discussions

    Have a question to ask or an idea that you want to share? Join a discussion zone, available in each chapter.

  • Real World Applications

    Build confidence in your new skills with a variety of hands-on activities, quizzes, projects and real life simulations.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    For Teachers

    • Guide

  • 03

    Lesson 1: The 3 Jars

    • Welcome to Kids Camp Millionaire - Level 1

    • Mission: 3 Magic Jars

  • 04

    Lesson 2: Our Money

    • What's in our Money?

    • Mission: The Scavenger Hunt!

  • 05

    Lesson 3: Balanced Life

    • Leading a Balanced Life

    • Quiz

    • Mission: The Balanced Life Challenge

  • 06

    Lesson 4: Golden Rules of Savings

    • Golden Rules of Savings

    • Quiz Rule Number 1

    • Quiz Rule Number 2

    • Quiz Rule Number 3

    • Quiz Rule Number 4

    • Quiz Rule Number 5

    • Knowledge Quest: Savings Edition

    • Mission: The Savings Challenge

  • 07

    Lesson 5: Banking

    • All about Banks

    • Checking vs Savings Account

    • Quiz

    • How Interest Works

    • How do Banks make Money?

    • Quiz

    • Mission: The Bank Quest

  • 08

    Lesson 6: Budgeting

    • Why Budget?

    • Edna Learns How to Budget

    • Quiz

    • Steps to Create a Monthly Budget

    • General Guidelines

    • Quiz

    • Pro Tips for a Balanced Budget

    • Quiz

    • Mission: The Balanced Budget

  • 09

    Before you go

    • Tell us what you thought

Our Accomplishments

“If I save money now, I can buy something nice for myself or my sister when I grow up”

Kids Camp Millionaire


“Our Student, Obi, learned and is practicing the 3 Jar Principle of Early Money Management. ”

Kids Camp Millionaire


Our Reviews

“I loved that my child was able to have and amazing experience with the teachers and tudents, she was so inspired to keep learn! ”

Toronto, ON

Lauren Smith (Parent)

“I was so happy that this type of program excites for kids, My child was taught so many things related to investing! He teaches me so much of the daily! ”


Lucas (Parent)

“I am so excited for my child to continue to do these courses because she always learns of much from the teacher and has so much fun! Thank you ”

New York, NY

Samantha (Parent)

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Get a head start by learning essential elements of finance


  • What grade is this level for?

    Kids Camp Millionaire is designed for kids ages 7-9 in grades 1 through 3.

  • How is this course taught?

    These (virtual) programs are designed to be completely self learnt. Students progress through the curriculum using a variety of real world applications that simulate experience, utilize creative thinking, and allow the students to test their knowledge.

  • How will I get access to the learning platform?

    You will receive an e-mail as soon as you connect, providing you with a pin and password to access the learning portal. Please keep this information safe. If you need support, you can email [email protected].

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