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This fun easy-to-understand class will demystify graphic design, exploring colour theory, how to incorporate the elements and principles of design, typography and so much more! From logos to animations, you will assemble an awesome portfolio and become an expert graphic designer!

What you get in the Program

Our innovative program simulates a real trading environment

  • Easy to understand modules

    Our programs are designed with self-directed learning allowing you to go at your own pace. We use fun graphics and videos (and lots of games) to help you become a pro.

  • Discussion Zone

    Want to discuss a topic? We have built-in discussion zones enabled for each chapter. Have a question? We're here to help! Wondering about something? Ask away!

  • Challenging Activities

    While you learn, practice your skills with hands-on activities, quizzes and missions to apply what you learned in real-life scenarios.

Course curriculum

  • 01


    • Intro Survey

  • 02

    Day 1

    • What is Design?

    • Introducing Canva!

    • Margins, Grids, & Guides

  • 03

    Day 2

    • Colour Theory, Schemes and Feelings

    • Mood Boards: with Canva!

  • 04

    Day 3

    • Recap and Mood Board Sharing

    • Typography: Fonts and Spacing

    • Business Cards

    • Logos

  • 05

    Day 4

    • Recap and Logo/Business Card Sharing

    • Animation

    • Traditional Animation

    • Animation Part 2

    • 3D Animation

    • Animation Part 4

    • Motion Graphics

    • Animation Part 5

    • Stop Motion

    • Storyboards

    • Video vs. GIF

    • GIF examples

    • Let's Animate!

  • 06

    Day 5

    • Good Quality Images

    • Portfolios

    • Congratulations!

  • 07

    Before you go

    • Tell us what you thought

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