Ready to start investing globally?

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Did you ever wonder how to invest in global markets? Or what impacts your investment in different countries? We got you covered! 

Whether you are a new investor or a seasoned one, this fun easy-to-understand program will show you exactly how global finance works and get give you a serious advantage when it comes to picking the right investments across the world. 

Learn how to trade stocks on every continent and understand all the quirks in different global markets. See which stocks work for you by trading unlimited in our simulated trading environment called Global Investment Challenge where you get real-time access to Wall Street! 

In this program, you will learn: 

  • How macroeconomic forces impact your investment
  • How foreign currency trading works and how to take advantage of it
  • How to invest in stocks in Asia, Africa, South America, Australia, Europe and North America!
  • How to build an international portfolio that meets your risk profile. 

What you get in the Program

Our innovative program simulates a real trading environment

  • Easy to understand

    Our programs are for everyone. Lessons are simple and taught with a variety of learning styles in mind.

  • Engaging Discussions

    Have a question or an idea you want to share? Join one of the discussion zones, available in each chapter.

  • Real World Applications

    Complete interactive activities, quizzes, or projects, to help you build confidence in your new skills.

Start now, and learn everything you need to know about our global economy!

Course curriculum

  • 02


    • Forex

    • Test Your Learning

    • FOREX - Advanced

    • Test Your Learning

  • 03

    Introduction to Investing in Asia

    • Introduction to Asia

    • Test Your Learning

    • Game time! Matching game

  • 04

    Asia Emerging Countries

    • China

    • Test Your Learning

    • India

    • The demonetization of India

    • Test your learning

    • Malaysia

    • Test Your Learning

    • Game time! Drag and Drop

  • 05

    Asia Developed Countries

    • South Korea

    • Test Your Learning

    • Japan

    • Test Your Learning

    • Taiwan

    • Test Your Learning

    • Singapore

    • Test Your Learning

    • Game time! Guess the answer

  • 06

    Africa & Middle East

    • Investing in Africa

    • Saudi Arabia

    • Test Your Learning

    • United Arab Emirates

    • Test Your Learning

    • South Africa

    • Test Your Learning

    • Nigeria

    • Test Your Learning

    • Egypt

    • Test Your Learning

    • Ghana

    • Test Your Learning

    • Game time! Matching game

  • 07


    • Investing in Australia & New Zealand

    • Test Your Learning

    • Game time! Guess the answer

  • 08


    • Introduction: Investing in Europe

    • Switzerland

    • Test Your Learning

    • France

    • Test Your Learning

    • Spain

    • Test Your Learning

    • Germany

    • Test Your Learning

    • Russia

    • Test Your Learning

    • Italy

    • Test Your Leaning

    • Game time! matching game

  • 09

    The Americas

    • Introduction Investing in South America

    • Brazil

    • Test Your Learning

    • Panama

    • Test Your Learning

    • Argentina

    • Test Your Learning

    • Chile

    • Test Your Learning

    • Game time! Drag and Drop

  • 10

    North America

    • Introduction Investing in North America

    • Canada

    • Test Your Learning

    • Mexico

    • Test Your Learning

    • Game time! Pick and Choose

  • 11

    The United Kingdom

    • Investing in the UK

    • United Kingdom

    • Test Your Learning

    • Game time! Crossword

  • 12

    Before you go

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Our Accomplishments

“Aryan gained $19,788 in his portfolio in 8 hours!”

Camp Millionaire Level 3

“Deslyn gained $10,258 in her Portfolio!”

Camp Millionaire Level 3

Our Reviews

“Had an excellent time!”

Richmond Hill, ON

Matthew (age 13)

“Truly had an amazing time, I learn so much and got to meet so many people from around the world.”


Jeanne (Age 14)

“I opened my own trading account after e-Camp Millionaire taught me how to invest!”

Toronto, ON

Kyle (Age 13)


“Thank you Explorer Hop! It was cool to learn about investing in different countries and I'm excited to keep practicing my own investing strategies. ”

Student, Age 12


“Loved this course for my kids (and sneakily myself?). I mean they're learning so much that I wish I had known at their age, or at least as a young adult. I highly recommend putting your kids through Camp Millionaire so they can learn essential financial skills.”



“Learning about Global Finance was awesome, and I was able to finish the course pretty quickly!”

Student, Age 11


Become a Global Investment Challenge Winner

These kids took our program and saw fabulous results. Are you up for the challenge?

“Veronika was the winner of the Global Investment Challenge (Summer 2021). She started with a virtual portfolio of $30,000 and in three months raised it to over $20 million! She was featured on National Global TV. ”

Toronto, ON

Veronika (Age 13)

“Raised his virtual portfolio from $30,000 to $4.4 million in 6 weeks in the Global Investment Challenge (Winer 2021). He was the winner! ”

Toronto, ON

Bay (Age 15)

“Starting with a virtual portfolio of $30,000, raised it to $2.5 million in 3 months. He placed 3rd in the Global Investment Challenge Summer 2021. ”

Toronto, ON

Ryan (Age 17)

More Young Investors

“Made 30% in their portfolio in 5 days!”

Toronto, ON

James (Age 11)

“Made 28% in her portfolio in 5 days”

Author's role

Rehan (age 12)

“Made 40% in her portfolio in 5 days.”

New York City

Toronto, ON

Join our Global Investment Challenge

Join our Global Investment Challenge and win! The person with the highest portfolio value wins a $100 Amazon gift card.

Learn about investing all over the world!


  • What age is this level for?

    Global Finance and investing is suitable for everyone with an interest in understanding global finance and foreign exchange. Students progress through the modules at their own pace having fun investing in different continents and stock markets, learning hands-on about foreign exchange and stocks.

  • How is this course taught?

    This (virtual) program is designed to be completely self taught. Students progress through the curriculum using a variety of real world applications that simulate experience, utilize creative thinking, and test their knowledge.

  • What skills will I learn?

    Learn how to invest in global financial markets and understand what drives these different markets. Get a solid foundation in Foreign Exchange (FX) trading and the skills you need to build an international portfolio.

  • How will I know what to invest in?

    The learning program is set up to guide and teach you how to identify investments which work best for you. Fear not! You will test out the investments risk-ree in our simulated trading platform and have fun seeing how your stock choices fared.

  • How will I get access to the learning platform?

    You will receive an e-mail from our tech team, providing you with a PIN and password to access the learning portal. Please keep this information safe. If you need support, you can email

Earn Duke of Edinburgh's hours!

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