Build your own Business

Learn how to build your own business from the ground up

If your dream is to become a successful entrepreneur, or you want to learn how to turn a business idea into reality, this course is made for you! Learn the fundamentals of building a business, using digital marketing tools, and branding.

Meets Curriculum expectations for

No matter what school system you follow, our program surpasses it

  • Explorer Hop meets Ontario curriculum requirements

What You Will Learn

  • Basics of Building a Business

  • What is Digital Business?

  • How to do Market Research

  • How to Build an Operations Plan

  • Marketing and Branding Tips

  • Advertising Strategy

  • Sales Pitch Tips

  • Launching and Building an E-Commerce Business

  • Accounting and Taxes

  • Managing Customer Service

Inside the Course

  • Easy to understand

    Our programs are for everyone. Lessons are simple and taught with a variety of learning styles in mind.

  • Engaging Discussions

    Have a question to ask or an idea that you want to share? Join a discussion zone, available in each chapter.

  • Real World Applications

    Build confidence in your new skills with a variety of hands-on activities, quizzes, projects and real life simulations.

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Learn everything you need to start your own business

Course curriculum

  • 01


    • Welcome to Young Entrepreneurs

  • 02

    Lesson 1: Introduction - Understanding Types of Business

    • Understanding Business

    • Day 1 - Worksheet

  • 03

    Lesson 2: Operations - How to Plan

    • All about Start-Ups!

    • Day 2 - Worksheet

  • 04

    Lesson 3: Marketing - Funnel Awareness

    • Marketing - Understanding Awareness

    • Day 3 - Worksheet

  • 05

    Lesson 4: Marketing - Consideration and Conversion

    • Marketing - Consideration Phase

    • Day 4 - Worksheet

  • 06

    Lesson 5: Marketing - Loyalty and Advocacy

    • Marketing - Loyalty Phase

    • Day 5 - Worksheet

  • 07

    Lesson 6: Sales Pitch

    • Designing a Perfect Sales Pitch

    • Day 6 - Worksheet

  • 08

    Lesson 7: Completing Their Product

    • Perfect Product Development

    • Day 7 - Worksheet

  • 09

    Lesson 8: Giving Back to the Community and Product Launch

    • Impacting your Community in a Positive Way!

    • Day 8 - Worksheet

This Course Includes

  • Interactive Video Lessons

  • Quizzes and Assignments

  • Downloadable Resources

  • Full Lifetime Access

  • Certificate of completion


  • A Stable Internet Connection

  • A Desire to Build Your Own Business!

Our Accomplishments

“Our Teen Entrepreneurs who have launched their Global Fitness Workouts. These athletes will help you feel good, get moving - and have some serious fun!”

Spencer, Jordan, Ada, Veronika, Justin, Noah, Sacha, Kelsey, Christian, Kyle, Allie, Sebastian, Mirabella and Max

Featured in CP24, CTV, Toronto Star and Global News

“Share testimonials about you, your course, or your content. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your network to get some glowing words about the work you’ve done. Most potential students will look to the opinions of others when making purchase decisions online.”

Noah Backman, Lauren Bleeker, Jeanne Collomp, Veronika Kolarska and Noah Michaels

Featured in CP24 and Toronto Star

Our Reviews

“I learned a ton and had an amazing time, thank you Explorer Hop!”

Toronto, ON

Sam (Age 11)

“Had an amazing time learning and creating new things, had the opportunity to create a book and it was published on Amazon.”

Toronto, ON

Coleson (Age 11)

“I learned a lot. It's very helpful having everything laid out step by step. I understood everything along the way.”

Toronto, ON

Avery (Age 9)

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Learn everything you need to start your own business

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions we are asked

  • What grade is this level for?

    Young Entrepreneurs is designed for kids ages 9-11 in grades 4 through 6.

  • How is this course taught?

    These (virtual) programs are designed to be completely self learnt. Students progress through the curriculum using a variety of real world applications that simulate experience, utilize creative thinking, and allow the students to test their knowledge.

  • How will I get access to the learning platform?

    You will receive an e-mail as soon as you connect, providing you with a pin and password to access the learning portal. Please keep this information safe. If you need support, you can email [email protected].

  • Can you explain your currriculum?

    It doesn't matter what curriculum you followed, we have surpassed it! Our program includes all aspects of the following curriculums: Canada (Ontario & BC), British Curriculum, International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced Placement (AP) and Singapore National Curriculum.

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Featured in

  • BBC review of Explorer Hop
  • Global News review of Explorer Hop
  • CP24 review of Explorer Hop
  • CTV review of Explorer Hop
  • Readers Digest review of Explorer Hop
  • Toronto Star review of Explorer Hop

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