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In this fun and easy-to-understand class we demystify day trading, and complex technical and fundamental analysis terms. You'll learn various trading techniques as well as strategies for interpreting graphs. This class features a special chapter with our expert, Ryan, who will help you become a successful day trader.

What you get in the Program

Our innovative program simulates a real trading environment

  • Easy to understand

    Our programs are for everyone. Lessons are simple and taught with a variety of learning styles in mind.

  • Engaging Discussions

    Have a question to ask or an idea that you want to share? Join a discussion zone, available in each chapter.

  • Virtual Trading Platform

    While you learn, practice your skills in real time with our virtual trading platform linked directly to the stock market.

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Familiarize yourself with day trading strategies, terminology and taxes

Course curriculum

  • 02

    Day Trading

    • What is Day Trading?

    • What is day trading - quiz

    • Differences between Swing and Day Trading

    • Differences between swing and day trading - quiz

  • 03

    Technical Analysis: Basic

    • Introduction to Technical Analysis

    • Introduction to technical analysis - quiz

    • Common technical analysis terms

    • Common technical analysis terms - quiz

  • 04

    Technical Analysis: Intermediate

    • Support and resistance level and trendline

    • Support and resistance level and trendline - quiz

  • 05

    Technical Analysis: Advanced

    • Candlestick Analysis

    • Candlestick analysis - quiz

    • Indicators

    • Indicators - quiz

    • Value Area Trading Strategy

    • Value area trading strategy - quiz

  • 06

    Technical Analysis: Expert

    • TA with Ryan!

    • Chart Quick Setup with Ryan

    • Charting Patterns, Resistance and Support with Ryan

    • Charting Micro Timeframes with Ryan

    • Reading Price Action with Ryan

    • Risk Management with Ryan

    • TA with Ryan - quiz

  • 07

    Why you should NOT Day Trade

    • Part 1

    • Why you should not day trade part 1 - quiz

    • Part 2

    • Why you should not day trade part 2 - quiz

  • 08

    Fundamental Analysis

    • FA: Basic

    • FA basic - quiz

    • FA: Advanced

    • FA advanced - quiz

  • 09


    • Volume

    • Volume - quiz

  • 10

    Grid and Algo Trading

    • Grid Trading/Algo Trading

    • Grid trading/algo trading - quiz

  • 11

    Before you go

    • Tell us what you thought

Our Reviews

“Day trading for me has been life changing because I had a chance to learn about Self-Control, which is something that I think will be very useful in the future! ”

Toronto, ON

Mirabelle(age 14)

“I really liked this course and the general financial knowledge it taught me, this knowledge is something that I will also be able to share with my parents! That makes me really happy!”

Toronto, ON

Rohaan Vasa (Age 15)

“ I enjoyed this course because I was able to learn and understands the value of money, while thinking of ways make money grow. ”

Adrien (age 16)


“I found this course extremely informative. Support was provided in live time, so I was never confused. The lessons both inspired and challenged me to improve my investment strategies and try new things.”

Student, Age 15


“I took this course after completing the Camp Millionaire program (all 8 levels). I fell in love with stock trading, to the point where it's kind of a hobby. Which is why this course was so beneficial to my life; it allowed me to develop really specific trading strategies.”

Student, Age 16


“If you're interested in trading and investing specifically, this seems to be the most focused course available for students. You have the option to enroll in the comprehensive Camp Millionaire series, but if you want to really hone your child's investing skills this is what you want.”



Become a Global Investment Challenge Winner

These kids took our program and saw fabulous results. Are you up for the challenge?

“Veronika was the winner of the Global Investment Challenge (Summer 2021). She started with a virtual portfolio of $30,000 and in three months raised it to over $20 million! She was featured on National Global TV. ”

Toronto, ON

Veronika (Age 13)

“Raised his virtual portfolio from $30,000 to $4.4 million in 6 weeks in the Global Investment Challenge (Winer 2021). He was the winner! ”

Toronto, ON

Bay (Age 15)

“Starting with a virtual portfolio of $30,000, raised it to $2.5 million in 3 months. He placed 3rd in the Global Investment Challenge Summer 2021. ”

Toronto, ON

Ryan (Age 17)

More Young Investors

“Made 30% in their portfolio in 5 days!”

Toronto, ON

James (Age 11)

“Made 28% in her portfolio in 5 days”

Author's role

Rehan (age 12)

“Made 40% in her portfolio in 5 days.”

New York City

Toronto, ON

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Join our Global Investment Challenge and win! The person with the highest portfolio value wins a $100 Amazon gift card.

Become a pro!

Familiarize yourself with day trading strategies, terminology and taxes


  • What grade is this level for?

    For youth and adults ages 12 and over.

  • How is the course taught?

    This (virtual) course is designed to be completely self taught. Students progress through the curriculum using a variety of real world applications that simulate experience, utilize creative thinking, and allow the students to test their knowledge.

  • How will I connect to the trading platform?

    You will receive an email from our tech team with the PIN and Password needed to access the trading platform.

  • How will this course help me?

    This class will teach you how to analyze stock information like a pro! By the end, you'll be able to become your own financial consultant, identify stock trends, and become a stronger investor.

Earn Duke of Edinburgh's hours!

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